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Date Submitted:  December 28, 1998

Submitted By: Nichole H.

I dont have many ghost stories of my own so I'll tell you another that happened to my friend and her mother. (These are the same people with the story of the diappearing rose.)

My friends mother is like in love with elephants. She collects the little figurines and all. She keeps them on a bookshelf infront of some unused encyclopedias'. They've always been there, I know that from years of going to their house. One day the elephants decided to change their apperance. No one was home in the house but the mother, Lori. She was in the kitchen doing the dishes when she was done she went into the living room to watch TV. She swears the elephants were normal when she went to do the dishes but when she came back one was hanging from its tusk onto the edge. The other was facing another direction. The only other person home was the cat. Now they have the worlds stupidest cat. So there is no way the cat could have done it. Besides what kind of stupid cat can hang things upside down? The elephant turn overs continued for about a week. The last time it happened was the neatest. Her mom had just finished dusting the shelf where the animals sat and started playing with the cat. She looked up like 10 minutes later and the elephants were upside down again. She wasnt scared, she just had a feeling like someone was saying ha ha i got you.

This is my favorite ghost story after the rose one.

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