Personal Submission: Dead person makes phone calls!

From: Chris Jacobson, Fort Worth, Texas

Date submitted: 7/9/97

I saw your web page and it peaked my interest. I am a property manager in Fort Worth and had a weird experience. An elderly lady was released from the hospital and sent home to a building that I manage. No one heard from her in a few days, including her social worker so the social worker called me and asked if I had heard from her. I told her I manage about 125 residential units so I don't know what everyone is doing at all times. She asked me if I could meet her at the apartment and if I could let her in because she was quite concerned about the lady. I said sure and agreed to meet her there after lunch.

We met around 1:15 in the afternoon and I opened the door and right away, knew something was terribly wrong. I could smell the stench of rotting flesh. Sure enough, the lady was laying across her bed. It appeared that she was getting up to perhaps go to the bathroom or something and just dropped dead. Of course, we called 911 even though there was no doubt that she had been dead for a few days but we wanted to make it legal. Then we left the apartment and waited until the paramedics arrived. They later did but what freaked the hell out of me was what the lady told me while we were waiting for the paramedics.

Apparently, she had been trying to reach the lady because she had been released from the hospital with a serious heart condition. She started calling her on a Tuesday but no one answered. She continued on Wednesday and took the number home with her so that she could call at night. That night, she tried again around 9:00 PM and was suprised to get a busy signal. She tried again and again until about 10:45 when she finally got a ringing that never stopped again. She wasn't too concerned about the lady becaue obviously she had been on the phone. On Thursday and again on Friday (the day of this story) she tried with only a non-stop ring. That's when she called me to physically check up on the elderly lady.

It was obvious from the smell and the look of the corpse that my tenant had been dead for more than the 3 days since the line was busy on Wednesday night. No one else but me had the keys to the apartment and I lock them up at night.

I've seen the social worker at least a couple of times since then around town and we both comment on how freaky it was that the elderly lady neither of us really knew all too well was actually making calls, despite her deceased state.

To Ghostlyguy, thanks for putting this page together. I hope you get more people emailing you their experiences as I'll be checking in from time to time. I also don't mind if you post this story to your page. My co-workers will get a kick out of it!

-Chris Jacobson