Date Submitted: Thu, 16 Apr 1998

Subject: my ghost story

Here is a few of my ghostly encounters and 1 that my friends aunt had(well I wouldn't call it a ghost experience but I think its pretty neat)

Well,I have always been interested in ghosts,spirits,demons,ect..But I have had a few ghostly encounters(Almost all of the encounters are when i'm in bed)..The first ghost encounter I ever had was last year.I was lying in bed and I couldn't sleep with my nightlight on,so I had to put up with it for the whole night..Well I was laying in bed I looked over at the crack between my bed and my sisters bed and I saw a black figure standing there..I had no details it was just standing there,so I shut up eyes pulled the covers close up to me then I looked over again and it was still there and believe me if that was my father,mother,or sisters I would've seen atleast some detail on them.Then about a year later(this year)I had to sleep without my nightlight again..So I looked over to were my nighlight would've been and I saw the figure again,only it was in a different spot in the room,that was freaky but believe me it gets worse!.One night I was laying in bed and I heard people running up and down the stairs,I got up,looked and there was on one there..Ok,I have 1 more..I was laying in bed and I looked over near my nightlight(it was working that night)and I saw this women,with a white gown on and she looked about 85,or something like that and the strange thing is she looked like my grandmother,that really freaked me..

Thank you for reading my ghost encounters.