Hi, I had a real spooky experience a while back. Me and my boyfriend were going to Lake Sonoma in Northern California to rent a couple of jet skis. On the way back, my boyfriend wanted to stop at a small local cemetary. We pulled in and drove up a steep hill where we were at the top of the cemetary. We both got out to look around and read the head stones. As we did, we were walking down hill towards the freeway again. About 15 minutes later (this cemetary has old and new graves, some old ones are reallll old!) my broyfriend asked if I ever wondered if the dead people were watching. Of course, I said that they were dead and why would they be interested in us? About another minute passed and it was beginning to get dark when my boyfriend told me he was going back to the car and that he would meet me at the bottom of the hill, to which I was about 3/4 of the way down anyway.

About another couple of minutes passed when I looked up to my boyfriend's Toyota 4Runner and I saw him standing by it. I turned back to the grave stone I was reading when I thought to myself that it was strange that my boyfriend could possibly get up to the top of this big hill so quickly; he's not in the best of physical condition. I looked again and there was my boyfriend only about half way up the hill. I looked back at his car and no one was standing there. What's even stranger was that my boyfriend was wearing a white sweat jacket with a hood on. So what I saw by his car was completely white too!

My boyfriend finally made it to his car and drove down the hill where I met him. We drove out of the cemetary and down the road back to highway 101 when I asked him why he suddenly decided to head back towards his car. He kind of got this serious look on his face and said that he had this feeling that someone was standing by his car. Just then a real cold chill went down my spine!!!

To this day we both don't know what I saw at that cemetary but we won't ever go back!

If you know where this cemetary is, don't go, it's freaky as hell. ....Lori Chester