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Date Submitted:  December 28, 1998

Submitted By:  Nikki H.

I've never had any reason to doubt my best friend. But considering her mom told us this story I really have no reason to doubt it. It's a sad story, and for some reason these stories make me cry.

So anyway...... My friends mom is named Lori. When she was about 5 years old her mother died of asthma leaving her, and her brother and sister to be taken care of by their father. It was the dead of winter when the children sat in the living room. Their father was in the same room facing a different direction, watching TV. The children were bored and began throwing a plastic rose around. When Lori's sister threw it to her it disappeared into thin air. Now this is winter, as I said so it couldn't have flown out the window or anything. They knew better then to tell their father who would say they were lying or playing games. They searched for the rose but never found it.

Years later they had all moved out except for the sister. It was her wedding day. Her back was facing the bed as she did her hair and put on her make-up. She was suddenly aware that she wasn't alone anymore. She turned around and sitting on the end of her bed was her mother holding the rose. She's the type to freak out and scream but she was amazingly calm. When she went to touch her, she diappeared. The entire family has had something happen to them and found out that it was the mother doing something.

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