From: Loretta Abbott

Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998

Subject: Mom's House

Hi Ghostly Guy,

Yes, I really enjoyed it very much. My mom's house is very spooky. I'm trying to find someone who could make those ghosts, or whatever the are to go away. Any suggestions?

A friend of mine just recently experienced something this morning. Hard to explain, but a evil presence over him. I felt that several times, at my mothers house. If I were to tell you some stories that I experienced, you would not believe me. Me, my son, my sister and my niece seem to be the only ones who can feel and hear these things whereever we go. Friends that get close also seem to tune in on them after awhile. I was talking to my friend, and all of a sudden something just turned around the corner. I thought I only saw it, but my friend turned the same time I did. I asked if he saw that too? He said yes, what was it. I told him I was not sure because I only see it at a glance all the time. My bed also feels like someone is sitting on it, then starts rocking the bed. I know sleep in the living room. :) My husband just sleeps. :) Yes, I'd like to share some real stories, I still get goose pimply thinking about them. My moms house is always the same. If you were to go their you would know exactly where all the scary feelings are at. The garage too. Let me know if you know of a way to make them go away. Someone told me spirits will go away if you burn SAGE.

Thanks bunches,

Loretta Abbott


I can't think of anything short of getting your priest to consider an exorcism. Perhaps others reading this can email me with ideas and then I'll let you know too. Let me know if anything changes. Good Luck.