WEBMASTER'S INTERVIEW: Girl's Ghost Alive In Cohasett, MASS



The following story comes from an Interview I had with a gentleman who has friends which experienced the following events when they purchased a house in Cohasett, Mass. Names have been changed to protect privacy, although if you ever doubt that the following ocurred, just email me and perhaps I can put you in touch with Jason, which isn't his real name. So, sit back and enjoy...

I am told of a couple that went to go look at a house in the town of Cohasett, along the south shore of Massachusetts. The year was sometime in the early 1960's. Many of these properties were built in the "Roaring 20's". While looking around the back yard of this property, the wife saw a little girl of around five who was running around a built-in fish type of pond. The wife thought it was strange that this girl was running around this properties back yard since she was rather young to be alone. The wife approached the little girl and apparently had a lengthly conversation with the girl. The girl explained that she lived in the house and she had come out to play. After a few more minutes, the woman turned her head to see where her husband and the real estate agent had gone and when she looked back at the little girl, the girl was gone. However, the woman thought it was odd that she could have disappeared so quickly.

The event was forgotton until shortly after this couple had closed escrow on the old house and had moved in. One day, the woman had heard a girl singing somewhere in the house and thought maybe the girl was back. After looking around for a while, she thought that maybe the girl was in the back yard. She then noticed what she had never noticed before, a statue of a little girl right next to the pond. The statue was of the little girl the woman had spoken to several weeks before. There was an engraving under the statue that explained that the father had erected the statue in tribute to his little girl, which had been playing around the pond and was found drowned in it. The year was 1928!

To date, we don't know if the little girl ever showed up again.