Date of Submission: April 25, 1998

Submitted by: (Australia)

Subject: My Kitten

Hi, Really enjoyed your page!

having read your page I am interested in adding to the stories you have on it. Trouble is, one of the most important interactions that Ive had personally had with ghosts involves a house I lived in with my family for three years. As you can imagine, the story is long and complicated and it's difficult for me to extricate specific parts of the story as they are all intertwined with each other.

I also have many other instances of hauntings and bizarre occurrences that have been experienced by myself and my immediate family. My sister currently has a ghost active in her home, as do my grandparents...hmmmm, Im beginning to think we are the most haunted family in Australia (but then again I believe that it is people and not necessarily places that are haunted so Im not blaming the houses) Anyway, like I said. I think maybe my story may be too long and involved for your page, but if you are interested I would email the stories to you directly. Perhaps you could use this isolated incident:

When I was about 16 years old my family got a new kitten. Apparently the mother cat had passed cat flu on to her babies and about a week after we got the kitten he died. For weeks after that the kitten could be heard crying in our laundry. My mother and I had both heard this crying separately over this time, (we never mention these things to each other as we are frightened of scaring the other person) then one day we were sitting together in the lounge room and heard the dead kitten's cry. We just looked at each other, smiled and said "you heard that didn't you?" then went back to watching the television. Gradually, over time the crying faded then stopped.

We are a fairly accepting bunch when it comes to strange phenomena, it's something all of us grew up with (including my mother who has seen and heard ghosts since her early childhood) so the kitten incident really didn't bother us too's just one of those things. The only time we have ever been truly frightened by a "ghost" was a very aggressive and persistant one, but that is my long long story.

See ya bren.