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Date Submitted:  December 28, 1998

Submitted By: Nichole

I went over my friend Cassidy's house the night after Thanksgiving 1998. We ate dinner and her two friends Jess and Danielle called. They told us to tell Cass' parents that we were going to Youth Group. We weren't of course, but thats besides the point.

We decided to go to their friend Matt's house but he wasn't home. We figured we might as well have some fun. I think it was Danielle that suggested for us to go to the Dairy Queen. It was maybe a 10 minute walk from Cass' house. So we went. We weren't expecting what happened the slightest bit.

Anyway, to get to the Dairy Queen it's a lot shorter to cross this field. The Our Lady Of Hope Church is there but thats never bothered me before. I know Cass has never felt completely comfortable crossing that feild at night. She is the type to feel a ghost before anyone else. So anyway we were crossing the field and Jess told us to look at the church. There was a ghost there. Cass looked up next and said oh my God. Then Danielle did. I was in no mood to see a ghost when no one knew where we were. But my curiosity got the better of me. I looked up and in the long window next to the door there was a white figurish thing. It wasn't shaped like a man or a woman but I automatically knew it was an older man. Ignoring that I said and you people are sure its not the reflection of something. Jess goes, Nichole, the only thing that could reflect there is an empty hallway. Since when do then have shadows. I think thats when I honestly believed that I was seeing a ghost. I was scared. I mean he was in a church and I was like 200 feet away from him. ( I had momentarily forgotten that ghost can go through things.) We just shook it off like nothing had happened and went to the dairy queen.

Feeling annoyed, not know what we saw, I suggested a seance. Everyone agreed. We went back to Cass's house with some excuse for not staying at the Youth Group and held the séance on her back porch. We found out that the man we saw name was Bob. He was 76 years old and had 6 children. He used to work in the church but we arent sure what he did. Thats all he would tell us. I thought it was really cool and thats the first time I actually seen a ghost and was old enough to remember the details.

Hope ya like my story. - Nichole -

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