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From:  James Henschen (

Type:  Second-hand ghost experience

Date:  Wed Jul 15, 1998

I didn't experience this story, but my friend told me it happened to her and other peple I know. My friend has never lied to me before and has no reason to. All the names are made up (except for what might be the ghost's name).

My friend, Tara lives in a house set far back from a not to busy road. Trees surround her house so any passing car lights don't get in threw windows. In her living room there is a doorway to the dinning room and if you are sitting on the floor by the couch or if you're on the couch you can see into the dinning room. Tara had one of her friends over to spend the night. Her friends name is Mellisa. Tara brother, Ben was in the living room with them. They were watching a movie (not a horror movie) and sitting on the couch in the living room. There is a chandeler in the dinning room above the table. It started to swing back and forth. Then it stopped and started to swing in a circle. Tara, Ben and Mellisa were the only ones in the house. Then the chandeler suddenly stopped. It didn't slow down, just stopped.

Then the T.V went off. Ben went to check it and it was still plugged in. He tried the button and it came back on. The controls to the T.V were on top of the T.V and the three people in the room were far from the T.V. Ben sat back down and off went the T.V. The three of them looked into the dinning room and saw a white figure pacing back and forth. The all ran upstairs and stayed in Tara's room the rest of the night.

A while after that incedent, Tara's aunt was spending the night and Tara and Anna( Tara's aunt who is a year younger than Tara name is Anna)were on the sofa bed in the basement. The light was off and the switch was at the top of the stairs. They were home alone and had the basement door locked from the inside because Tara lives in a not too nice negihborhood. There are no windows in the basement. Anyway, they saw a white figure pacing back and forth along the basment floor and the light started to flick on and off. Tara and Anna hid under the covers the rest off the night. They didn't want to walk past the white figure or whatever was at the top of the stairs fooling with the light switch. As Tara was telling me this story she kept calling the ghost Zara. I asked her if that's what the ghost's name was and she said she didn't know. That the name just poped into her head when ever she thought of the ghost. Tara doesn't know of anyone named Zara as far as I know, so maybe that is the ghost's name.

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