Personal Submission: Strange Deaths

Submitted by: Will Crasbey

Date Submitted: 8/31/97

I once lived in an apartment house where really strange things would happen. The strangest was that at one time, three seperate people died within a few months. They all died from medical conditions, not from environmental.

The first one happened back in May of 1994. My upstairs neighbor died from cancer. The landlord joked that the apartment was haunted while he was getting it ready for re-renting it. We didn't think much of it though. However, this wasn't the end of the story. About a month after the place had been cleaned up and painted, me and several of the other tenants heard vaccuming going on upstairs at around 3:00 AM. We were all outraged because it work us all up. When we called our landlord in the morning to complain, the landlord told us that the apartment hadn't been rented yet and that there was no vaccume in the unit. In fact, he said, the electricity has been off for about a week. More interesting, there was no vaccume in the apartment. The landlord later checked it it and told us that the apartment is still without electricity and that there was no vaccume, nor any signs of entry.

About two months later, the neighbor below me suddenly dropped dead of a massive brain hemerage (she was in her late 40's)while making lunch for her girlfriend. Then while her husband (they were seperated) was cleaning out the apartment, he died from medically mysterious causes. He was found dead in his downstairs bedroom. Finally, the landlord came in to clear the rest of the stuff out and pulled hundreds of pounds of books and other stuff related to satanic worshipping.

One day, a friend of mine was looking for a place to rent. I joked about the unit downstairs now being vacant so he called my landlord and made an appointment to see the place. When he did, he told me that the downstairs bedroom was too creepy and that there was a basement room off of that where he felt that "evil exists". I hadn't up to then told him about the past deaths or the satanic stuff yet (he obviously wasn't that good of a friend, I guess). He didn't move in but the tenant that did said that she doesn't like the downstairs room and apparently, the landlord sealed off the basement type room and wouldn't give her a key to it.

The end of this story that makes it even stranger is that in the top unit, the one where that guy died of cancer, apparently before I had moved to this building, almost everyone else that had lived in the upstairs unit had died, most in the hospital, but most at ages too young to normally die. A few died of AIDS and others of cancer, nothing as strange as the lower unit.

I moved from there since and I haven't heard anything further but I never experienced anything strange personally while I lived there. I was in the middle unit.