PERSONAL SUBMISSION: The door that opened when I thought it to!

LOCATION: Redding, California


Hi ghostly guy. I've been watching your page and I'm glad to see it's getting bigger.

I wanted to write to you about an experience I had when I was a teenager. It still gives me the willies and no one has been able to explain it. I even told my shrink about it and she wasn't able to give me an explanation.

It all started in a house I grew up in, in Eugene Oregon. I've sinced moved to Redding with my husband and son. Anyway, my job was to feed our dog and cat downstairs. We lived in a 2 story house with an unfinished basement, which my Dad haphazardly through together later on. There were two rooms and a seperate laundry room. Being that I wait for the last minute, I use to feed these pets at night, right before I went to bed.

One night, I went downstairs as normal and picked up the water dishes for both my dog and cat. I brought them to the laundry room and filled up the dishes with water (what else?). I walked back with the water dishes and dog food in hand. I walked up to the door where the dog and cat stayed and was a little frustrated because in the past I've spilled either the food or water trying to get the door open. I looked at the door as I approached it and thought to myself how wonderful it would be if the door just opend for me, so I wouldn't spill anything. Then I saw the door handle actually turn and the door opened up right in front of my eyes. Oh shit, I thought!  I walked in and my cat was standing about three feet from the door with her hair standing on end like she saw a ghost. I walked in and began putting down the dishes as a really cold tingle went down my spine. Then I felt the blood vessels in my head begin to constrict and thought I was going to pass out so I ran out of the room, slamming the door behind me. I screamed all the way upstairs.

My parents were in shock over the whole matter and went down to investigate with me. My shock was not that the door just opened because perhaps the door wasn't really shut. However, the door handle actually turning freaked the heck out of me.

I NEVER fed my dog and cat at night EVER AGAIN! We moved about a month later, thank you know who. I was 18 then. That was about 12 years ago.

I hope you post this story because maybe someone else will get the same tingle in their spine.

All the best,

-Martha Corrigan, Redding, California