Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998


Subject: Angel


I am a fellow beleiver. What I have to say starts with the same line that many before me have said. I only tell this due to the fact that the internet itself is so cold and will hind it audience with a gentle stillness. I have truly beleive in ghosts, spirts and of course, angels. I say this with extreme certainty because I have seen an angel. I was dying on the operating table after giving birth to my daughter. The doctor told me later that I had flatlined twice, the first time all I remember was blacking out but the second was much more vivid. I remember that at first I could not see anything but I could feel every emotion amplictied ten fold. There was many people surronding me and I could not touch them or even hear them all I could do was see them. Then I saw him. It was a man. But I know that he was an angel. Without moving his mouth he told me that He did not want me to leave Earth yet and I had someone that needed me. (My daughter) In an instant I was back in the OR and the doctor was screaming at me to come back to them. I remember looking over to the doorway and there was my angel once more holding his hand out to say good-bye.

I know that I am as sane as the next person but I know what I saw and what I heard. And I want others to know my story. E-mail is at:

Thank you for your time.