"The Town too Tough to Die"

        In the summer of 2000, the Ghostly Guy crew visited Tombstone, Arizona, located in southern Arizona.  Why would we cross the desert in the middle of the hot summer sun?  Looking for ghosts, of course!  And we found exactly what we were looking for!!!


        Any search engine will guide you to a better explanation of Tombstone history.  They're certainly worth checking out.  Likewise, a visit is pretty neat too.

        But the legend of Tombstone stands out on its own.  For this was the town that became famous for the "shoot out at the ok corral" when the Earps (most famous being Wyatt), Doc Holiday,  and the Clantons shot up the ok corral and themselves as well.  Today, tours are still offered of the original site.

        Several movies were made about the town as well.   The most recent movies were "Tombstone" starring Kurt Russell and "Wyatt Earp" starring Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman.

        However, Tombstone is also known for being one of those ghost towns with real ghosts (there's a lot of them around; maybe there's a reason they call them ghost towns?).  Almost every building that stands now and stood then is considered haunted.  Even the building where City counsel meetings are held is so haunted that its ghostly residents are said to swing chandeliers, turn off lights, and many other kinds of poltergeist activities during monthly meetings.

What did we find?

        We took pictures of most of the old and infamous buildings but we didn't find a whole lot of interesting things in most of these pictures.  However, the picture that we shot inside of Big Nose Kate's Saloon was astounding.

        Big Nose Kate's Saloon is known for being one of those sites in town that provide food and spirits.  But when we took a wide angle photo (without a flash) of the saloon, we were shocked to find a very strange cowboy posing for us.
Here it is:

        Here's the story:  The cowboy in the left hand portion of this photo is kind of a mono-colored steel cut out of a cowboy, but that isn't exactly what we got in this photo.  You see, the key word is mono-colored and steel.  The original cowboy doesn't really have a blue lower half and because it's steel, it's not transparent, as seen in this photo.  But the most astounding thing about this photo are the faces.  You see, the real thing is the face looking to the right, or towards the bar.  The face that faces the camera DOES NOT EXIST!

        The phantom face with its mustache, well defined nose and evil eyes, was not visible to us or anyone when the photo was shot.  In fact, we sent this picture back to the owner of Big Nose Kate's Saloon to confirm that we didn't miss anything.  After a long call to the owner, he said that this picture is a one in original because he and his staff took numerous pictures of the cowboy from several angles and positions within the bar and the phantom face never appeared.  Likewise, he said he had never seen anyone else's photos of alleged ghosts, look anything like this photo.  So, if you go to Tombstone, you'll probably see a copy of this picture as we're sending a copy for their display.  As for us, we would brave the hottest Arizona summer or the coldest Arizona winter to take another picture like the one above.  For we believe that this picture is perhaps one of the best pictures of a ghost ever taken.  And we've seen a lot of pictures!

Outside view of Big Nose Kate's
The steel cowboy is about 10 feet behind the entrance into the saloon.

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