DATE: Wed, 26 May 1999

SUBJECT: Ghosts? since age 3...and UFOs and spirits all through life

My experiences began quite early. I will try to maintain some order here.

I am 32 years old, and have seen ghosts since I was about 3 or 4 years old. I have also seen ufo's or whatever they were since the age of about 4 or 5.

GLADSTONE MICHIGAN: It's a really small town, and it has had several sightings of UFOS since I have seen them. I was about 3 or 4 when I saw something really bright green fly by my bed at night. Out of a natural kids curiosity, I reached out to touch it, it was really hard, and warm, it flew out of my window, right through it, like it wasn't even there...

GLADSTONE AGAIN I was about 8 and was building a snowfort on the street where I friend Steve and I were working hard, and we looked up and saw 3 hovering objects...really high above us, it was night, and they looked a bit round and oval shaped like discs, there were orange lights around the middle of it, and they just sat there, one in the east, one in the north and one in the west...

GLADSTONE STILL>>>age 4 or 5 My mom had just gone to communion at our church, and I asked if I could see what she had in her mouth, (the host) and when she opened her mouth I saw what looked like the Virgin Mary on her tongue, it looked kind of like a runny tattoo. I really didn't think much of it then, and really don't think much of it now. Maybe because those things never bothered me because they were so natural....

ANOTHER ONE This one stumps me still... I was in my bed, and I looked around the room I shared with my sister, I don't know why, but I looked in front of me, and saw what I thought was my mom she was just standing there, with her robe on, and her arms spread out to either side, she kind of glowed a bit, but wasn't see through or anything...As she stood there like that, which began to kind of scare me...(ha ha) I got real scared and ran to my mom and dads room...where they were both sound asleep in bed. Strange...

OK NOW Since then I have moved to Wisconsin, and then to Minnesota. I have seen one more UFO when i was 23, about 11 miles north of Steven Point just sat still above some trees, and before ANYTHING could have possibly noticed it for long, it shot to the left and disappeared. I don't know if I believe in UFOS or not, but I do believe there are things out there that we can't explain, and I do know that people have had their share of experiences with these things.

About 4 years ago...I lived in an Attic. I live in a huge house. No one had moved in yet, and my friends and I were driving toward the house, when we saw a man in black in my attic. No one was home. He was standing behind the attic window, and the light that was hanging from the roof, was swaying as if he had bumbed it. We though perhaps another roomate had been moving too. We ran in the find my roomates German Shepard sound asleep at the foot of the stairs. We then ran through the house, up to the attic, to find it UNLIT, and dark Previouse to this the attic felt a bit cold, but it seemed only natural. Since that night, there had been several "intense feelings" of having my matress shoved out the window...of course that never happened.

I saw several diff. things in the attic. One was a bat that constantly flew through...I had no windows in the frames of this attic. I felt definate cold spots in did several of the other who eventually moved into the lower half of the attic. I never really told many people about it. and my new roomate had NO idea about the "shoving" feeling. He woke up the next morning to tell me about this intense feeling that he would get pushed out the window. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Several other times, I would play my guitar ( i recorded 1 album) and when I was playing, this cold breeze blew on the left side of my face. It didn't feel bad. I looked to see what it was, and there was nothing there, the air was hot and still. Another time I saw somehting small and white jump right through my a ghost, there was nothing there. And I had once seen a large floating...well. It looked like a see through coffee stain. lol...It moved around the attic, and then it was gone. I heard later from the previous owners, that a man had been burned in the attic about 80 years prior, and sometimes they would see smoke comming from the bottom stairs of the attic, when no one lived up there. There are burn marks on the attic cieling though. It wasn't supposed to have been lived in...but I had such an experiece in that house....I wanted to share that with's hard to tell a story, when only a few actucally believe. So I just wanted to share this. I have had "feelings" since then But none so intense....ususally I feel cold spots in houses, and the job I have...I have seen one ghost. No one wants to talk about it, except the people that know the ghost...a resident died 1 year ago...I did not know this, and I saw this person....unclearly, walking out of a bedroom, when I went to see, there was no one there.... I asked another staff, and that had been "annas" room, the previous resident.

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