Date Submitted:  Sun, 25 Jul 1999

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Type of Submission:  Paranormal Activities

Hi from Leavenworth, Kansas!

I think your site is great, but don't you know that Forts, such as Fort Leavenworth, are considered high in ghostly activities? And Leavenworth itself was a highly traveled area, it was a main route for people headed to California, which makes it a likely canidate for ghostly activities. Fort Leavenworth, at it's huge lake that you pass when entering:

A ghost is said to wander this area, in search of a relative, possibly a daughter, calling out her name. Near a cemetary in Leavenworth, a ghostly jogger has been sited for years. Howard Wilson elementry: Most faculty says this story is bogus, but retired teachers and past students say it's not. Howard Wilson was built by a man who wanted to help children get an education. When he died, some say he never left the building he had built for the children. The eyes of his portrait are said to follow you, footsteps echo down empty hallways, and some times, Howard Wilson himself is seen walking the halls.

There are lots of other ghostly stories here in Leavenworth, I've heard a lot more, but can't remember all of them. I know that a lot of the old houses at the Fort are haunted though. And I think my old house used to be, at least once, heres my own account of a very paranormal activity.

I was sitting with my mother, in the living room of our house. There were two huge wooden oak doors that seperated us from the rest of the house, the only other visable being in the room that night was our cat, Baby. We were sitting on the couch, my Mom was painting and I was watching some old show on Tv, I can't recall what it was. Suddenly, our cat, who was at the time on top of the piano, lept off and bolted for the door. I got up, let her out, and reclosed the door. She was a spooky cat, but she'd never done anything like that before or since. I returned to my seat, my Mom was still busy painting, and looked at the clock to see what time it was. I can't exactly remember the time, but I honestly recall it was almost midnight. A few minutes after the cat darted out, the room filled with an eerie moaning. It was strong, it consumed the whole room, it was like the moaning of a ghost you would hear on tv, only it was real. I froze, I couldn't move. I could feel every part of my body tense, and my heart jumped in my throat. Suddenly, I couldn't take it anymore, I took a glance at my Mom, who seemed in the same shaken state I was, and looked at the door. The moaning continued to radiate throughout the room, so before I thought about it, I lept from the couch and ran as fast as I could to the door. But as soon as my fingers touched the doorknob, it stopped, still I swung the door open as fast as I could. Sitting on the floor, headphones on ears, were my two older sisters. My mom followed me out. We asked them if they had done it, they said no, and we beleived them. They were young at the time, about 8 and 13, there voices could not have reached the frequency that moaning had, and besides that, the moaning was definitely a male voice.

We looked for our dad, we suspected him, but he was asleep in the bedroom and angry that we woke him. The next day, my Mom told our neighbor what happened, and she looked at my Mom, as if in shock a little herself. She told us that at around midnight, her and a few friends had pulled out their Ouji board to see if they could contact the dead, but nothing their house anyways. Being as young as I was, I was quite disturbed by this, and never would set foot in the living room by myself again. We have since moved, but our house on Ottawa still stands, with new owners.

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