Date Submitted:  Tue, 3 Aug 1999

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Type of Submission:  Ghosts in our home!

Hi, we have had some things going on in our home for awhile. We hear noises, we see figures we have even caught them in pictures. But, for the past couple weeeks, my daughter, she's 11, says every night there is a little boy who comes into her room and sits on her bed and tugs at her blankets. Then she says he bangs on her dresser and moves her stuffed animals around.I know this is true because my husband saw the same little boy standing next to him while he was on the computer. I have never seen them, I just hear them. I always feel like someone is watching me when I'm trying to sleep. We have had the TV come on by itself and even change channels. Our lights come on when no one is in the room, we even have had some cold spots. If you can explain this, I would be very grateful..



Thank for submitting your experiences.  Sounds like the boy you keep seeing is a troubled spirit(?).  I got chills reading your email!

You may want to find out the history of the house to see if something happened there to a little boy.  Pehaps a psychic could help.  It doesn't sound like you're in danger but you should consider being pro-active if the ghost continues to bother you and your family.  Good Luck.

-Ghostly Guy

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