Date Submitted:  July 13, 1999

Submitted By:  Cricket (

Type of Submission:  Haunted Land???

Hi , I love your website! Maybe you can help me.

My husband and I have undeveloped mountain land. About five acres. I was taking pictures and on one of them I got half an orb and what looks to be a shield. I do take ghost pictures and since we are planning to build, what do you suggest I do. We have never had anything weird happen while we were out there. We also just got done clearing a space out. Do you have any suggestions for taking pictures ect.... Also I haven't gotten any emf readings.

Thank You!!!!!!!!! cricket


Please feel free to submit a picture if you would like and perhaps we can tell you what it looks like to us.  Or someone who sees the story might be able to help you?

In the meantime, if you feel like it, consider having your minister, priest, rabbi, or whoever you go to, bless the land appropriately.   Also consider going to the county records department to see who the land use to be or belong to.  You may want to seek appropriate advise if you find out that the land was sacred indian burial ground or something along that line.   In any case, do some research and if nothing unusual turns up, go ahead with your plans to build your dream house.

Good Luck!!!

                                                -Ghostly Guy

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