Date Submitted:  July 11, 1999

Submitted By:  "Weakster"  Weakster@USWEST.NET

Type of Submission:  Disappearing & Reappearing Objects

I live in a house built in the early 60's, and ever since I moved in  in 1995, I have had things come up missing. Now this is quite normal for a family with two toddlers. So I didn't pay much attention. But this last week all of the family's toothbrushes came up missing. All  four. Two adult brushes and two kids brushes. I thought the kids were  just playing around and lost them or they got lost under the sink or  something.

Well, I left with the kids on Friday July 9th. to go camping. My wife stayed home. I took a spare toothbrush as well as the  kids. My wife didn't have one and had to use one of the kids older  brushes. We looked and looked and looked at least 15 times in the  drawer where the toothbrushes are kept. EMPTY. But when I came back on Sunday July 11th. All four were exactly where they should be. I felt a  shudder go down my spine after I asked my wife if she had found them and  put them there......She looked as white as a sheet as she told me that  she had not put them there and had just opened the drawer on instinct  that morning when she went to brush her teeth and had to scrounge up an old one out of a shaving kit that we keep for vacations and camping etc.  I knew right then that all of the times that things came up missing and then reappeared exactly where I thought they should be were not our  imagination. Someone wants us to know they are there. But I don't know  why or who.

If anyone has info on how to look up the history of a house  or property I would appreciate it. But for now... I will be a lot more  attentive to things that come up "Missing?", and then usually about a  week later.......reappear.

Feel free to contact me.


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