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Disappearing & Reappearing Objects  Haunted Land?
Ghosts in our house? Paranormal Activities in Kansas!
Church Ghost w/ Photo The Stairs 
Ghosts, UFO's, & Spirits  Maria's Garden Inn, Berkeley Springs, WV
Bedtime Ghost & Church Candles  Grandma Visits 
A few stories in one Haunted Apartment in Los Angeles
Haunted Battlefield photo in Micanori, FL Is your church's ghost watching you?
Roses that come and go! An elephant that goes nuts!
From Our tropical Paradise lurks unseen things! The California Highway Patrol looses their own, incredible photos! 
The Whaley House in San Diego, CA  Haunted Cemetary in Sonoma, CA
My white kitten, the ghost My experience at an old haunted Colonial Inn
Hiking with a ghost John Stone Inn, Ghostly Photos! 
English Tower  Dead Lady Uses The Phone
Grandma Says Goodbye  Haunted Cemetary in PA
The Door That Opened Because I Wished It To!  A Painter's Nightmare
Mysterious Deaths  Haunted Roof 
A Very Haunted House In Florida (photos too!) No Angel of Death!
New Born Baby Watched Over By Grandpa (photo)  Don't turn off the nightlight! 
Mom's haunted house  Someone To Watch Over Me 
The Haunted House I Grew Up In  My kitty won't leave
My House My friend's story 
How about some more photos? Haunted House in Minnesota 
Comforting Ghost  Queen Mary Ghosts 
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Multiple Submissions December 2000 - April 2001  Multiple Submissions April 2001 - August 2001 
More on the Whaley House - Summer 2000

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