Name: Jennifer From: Subject: To Whom it may Concern, I would like to tell you the tale of the Vine Street Cemetery. In Hazlton metery. It is in Hazleton PA. It dates back to the 1860's It is kept up fairly well and is located in the center of town. It never gave me the sense it was one of those spoooookyyyyy cemeteries. Intill one night my boyfriend and I were walking home around 3am in middle of Nov 92' it was rainy and dismal as we rounded the corner of the tall iron cemetery fence. We had walked that way for years. The distance of about three blocks we were shocked to see a what appeared to be lady in a white hooded robe gazing into the cemetery the front of her almost up against the cemetery fence. We thought maybe she was upset or confused or maybe drunk so we proceded to walk towards her She did not look are way as we got closer we started getting nervous giggles thinking are mind was playing tricks as she was there hovering rather than standing. By this time we were scard but I was so excited I had to get closer. We got within fifty feet of her and she was still faceing the cemetery. At this point we could see she had no feet or hands. My boyfriend freaked and yelled lets get out of here. Just then as if she just realized we were just there. In one completely graceful motion she turned real fast and faced us we were even more shocked to see a hollow hood with no facial features just darkness. She stood there gazing at us. All of a sudden We felt this incrediable feeling of urgentness mixed with wierd. We ran across the street and I turned around to see if we were going to be chased or what. My boyfriend stopped when he realized I had stopped. We watched as she gracefull slowly almost solomonly turned back towards the iron fence and glided through it with ease. Soon she dissappeared out of sight. We still talk about the sighting often and try to analize it with no other answer other than it was a ghost. Currently I am doing research for a television show called Cool Stuff. If you have any ghostly Statistics you have aquired in your search for truth I ask if you would please forward them to me. Our pilot episode is going to be on ghosts in North East PA. Thank you