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Date Submitted:  February  27, 1999

Submitted By:  Restless in Los Angeles

Type of Submission:  Personal Experience:  Haunted Apartment in L.A.

About a year ago,  I moved into an old apt that sits upon an old business.   Shortly after moving in I experienced how unearthly cold it was, and  that we had unexpected tenants, tenants from the afterlife!

First I experience cold spots, which was most of the house, then rapping, intelligent rapping on the windows, singing, moaning, an uneartly blood curling knocking on the front door, there were also reflections of a  hood-shadowy male figure, a woman and a little girl. I'm telling you,  I  feel like I am living in a modern-day haunted castle!

There is always a feelings of loneliness and great saddness and dread. I can not bear it,  even though I have not offically moved out I stay with my mother. I was  told by a source (I'm not sure how reliable) that there was a fire there and that a family of three, a husband, very dominant and over bearing and a protective wife (of their little girl) once inhabited the home.  Also, a man from a carribean country and some foreign exchanged  students, at a later day.

I would really like some feed-back.

-Restless in Los Angeles
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