Date Submitted:  Jun 29, 1999


Subject:  Bed Time Ghost & Church Experience

Well I was very young and still remember this anyways.

I was lying in bed and I saw an arm appear from under my bed!!! holding an old teddy bear anyways I got out of bed (I would'nt have done that now!!!) and looked at it and said "Tomyy is that you? you're not scaring me!" it didn't move I looked away from it for a moment and it was gone!!! anyways now I NEVER let my feet hang out of my bed cover I always have them on the bed nowhere near the end of the bed and my legs/feet are always coverd! a

Another story was this.  I was at a church and saw this picture it had a priest in it and he was reading from the bible and their were children around him the children looked starved!!! and scared they had fang like teeth and there eyes looked so real!! anyways this picture REALLY scared me and the picture was by a nursery (ugh!!) and then I was by the sanctuary and so were as bunch of kids they were looking at the candles and they said "look... the candles went out!!" and sure enough they were and only a few seconds before they were fine i went in there & checked the candles out and they were fine! there was no draft in the sanctuary... so what made the candles go out???

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