SUBMITTED BY:  Suzanne of Florida

TYPE OF EXPERIENCES:  A Very Haunted House!

ADDITIONAL REMARKS:  Don't miss photos!!!

I just found your web page and it's nicely done. Are you going to have photos on the page at some point. Oh and I love your Mascot..... I have lived in a haunted home for the past 12 years and in that time I have collected many photos, which can be seen on the IGHS web page. In 1990 Dr. William Roll sent three of his colleagues here and I have had another paranormal investigator researching and collecting data for the past six months. Sightings T.V. show will be filming at my home sometime after November for an upcoming 2 hour special and I am so excited. We have witnessed at least four ghosts here in human form. Also Unsolved Mysteries is talking with my researcher to try to set up a show possibly. Well enough about my house.. Your page is great, keep up the good work and Happy Haunting. Suzanne in Florida

Tue Oct 14 10:38:38 1997

Below please find one of the true stories of an event that happened in my home. You can use it on your Web Page.

"The Ghostly Mist" One day when my husband and I were away at work, my step-son Wes, was alone in the house. Wes has had several experiences with our ghostly visitors and most times the encounters were minor. However one day the events turned into a frightening afternoon. He was sleeping in late , he awoke around 12:30pm and when he opened his bedroom door he saw what he explained to be a fog or mist in the bedroom across the hall. He said that the mist was moving toward him and he could see the outline of a person inside the mist. As he backed down the hallway to get the cordless phone the mist moved out into the hallway. When Wes called me at work he was crying and I could hear my three dogs barking frantically outside. He said that my Rottweiler was on her hind legs looking in the picture window growling and barking. I told Wes to get out of the house, so he went outside. He walked up to the window and looked in and he said that the mist was coming from the hallway into the living room and he saw the form of a person walking through it. Needless to say he didn't stay there alone for a long time. And on that day he waited outside for about 2 hours for one of us to arrive home from work. Suzanne at Florida

Webmaster's personal remark:  I would like to personally thank Suzanne for allowing me to share some of her experiences and photos on this web page. Good Luck and don't let the ghosts get you!