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Photos of Chico Hot Springs,
Paradise Valley, MT
The original 1900 hotel/hospital building
Today, it serves as a luxury hot springs resort
The thermally heated pools
Room 349 where Percie Knowles spent her last days
at her hotel and hospital.  Does she still remain in her room?
This is inside room 349. To the right, is the rocking
chair that Percie was seen rocking for years before her
death.  No matter where the chair is moved within the room,
it ends up back in its original position; in the right hand corner
near the window. It's often seen rocking when no living person was
in the room. Many apparitions have also been seen in this room.
Would you stay here? Others do, oblivious to the room's past.
This is the piano in the hotel lobby.  Apparitions have been seen
standing in front of the piano many times.  We don't know if this is
anything, but note the cloud on the right hand, lower side of the piano.
Is this a photo flaw or something else?
That's all folks...
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