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Submissions from December 2000 - April 2001

Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001



When I was six years old my Grandmother died of a stoke. Even though I
was young, my parents tried to explain to me what had happened, and
through their discussions in later years, I know what took place and how
she was found in her apartment , ect.

We had just moved into a house the summer when she died; she got to visit
only a few times before she passed away.

After she had, nothing very strange happened until about a year later
when I was 7 or 8. During the middle of the day I was coloring something
on a desk, I walked away and when I looked back, the paper that I was
working on flipped up to a vertical position and just stayed there,
standing on end for about 30 seconds or so. I was freaked and ran and
told my Mom, who thought it was just a breeze, but it was the middle of
winter and the windows were shut. I remember thinking that !

Then a few years after that , I believe I was 9 or 10, I actually saw

My bedroom was the hottest room in the house, and when the furnace shut
off from blowing hot air into my room for the past 20 minutes, I would
often wake up and just lay there with the covers off of me to get cool
again so that I could go back to sleep.
It was on one of those occasions that I saw something outside my door.
I have no doubt that I was awake because of what I have just told you. I
was hot, awake, and trying to cool off and get back to sleep. I was just
laying there when I heard something.
My door looks right out into the hall where the bathroom door is, it's
only about 7 feet away from me. I looked out and saw an apparition of my
Grandmother. The face and shoulders were very apparent, the torso was
there but more blurred and as you scanned down there were defiantly no
feet. The figure looks whitish/gray and I could see through parts of it.

I heard my Grandmothers voice saying,"Brenda,Jim, help me, help me!' .
(they are my parents) She continued to repeat this as she made slow,
jerky movements like she was pounding at the bathroom door. She just kept
looking at the door, pounding on it in the slow motion way, and yelling
to my parents for help.

I was frozen to my bed!
After a few moments, she stopped her pounding mid-strike, and turned to
look at me; as she did, she disappeared from the floor up, just

I was so incredibly scarred I could not move, I remember I wanted to run
upstairs to my parents room, but I would have had to cross the very spot
where my Grandmother stood. So I stayed in my room, frozen until morning.

I told my parents about it, and to my surprise they didn't dismiss it as
a dream, they just listened to my story.

Later that day, my Mom  recalled to me the events that occurred during my
Grandmothers stroke.

She had been living in an upstairs apartment with the landlords living
down stairs.
During her stroke, she could not alert anyone to easily, so she proceeded
to pound on the floor and yell for the help of her landlords. She also
tried to dial the phone and call my parents, but could not. So all she
did was pound and pound until she woke up the people down stairs who
eventually called the ambulance.

Was she there that night reliving what had happened because she was not
ready to leave this world, or was it just a sort of reply for me to see?
Who knows, but for the next several years, all through my early teen
years, I always felt a presence.

Something once pulled my hair in a playful way, I was tapped on the
shoulder several times.
Some of my friends that would stay over also felt some of the same
things. One even got pinched in the butt once!

After I was 15 or 16  everything seemed to stop.

I really feel that adolescents experience alot of paranormal activity
during the onset of puberty. There is alot of chemical and electrical
chaos going on and I feel it draws out energy from other places. Many
stories that I hear have to do with older kids and teens. Perhaps that
was my case.

Thank you for reading



Subject:  guardian ghost
Date:  Sat, 10 Feb 2001
From:   "snowlord" <>


My name's Wayne. I live in the city of Leicester, England. I would like to tell
you of what I believe  to probably be a friendly ghost who was there to
protect me during my earlier years up to the age of about 12.
It all started back in around 75' when I was 8 years old. I was laying in bed
one evening but couldn't get to sleep. I had that horrible feeling that you get
when your not on your own yet here I was in my own room late at night. This
first night was the first of many because I would like to fall sleep whilst
looking out my bedroom window which was situated on the far side of the
room. I always slept with my curtains open so I could watch the moonlight
and stars filter through.
However, this night as I looked at the curtain closest to my bedroom door I
had a strange feeling someone was there, just standing there. I turned over
and went to sleep a little scared of the feeling I was getting. When I finally
started to look at the folded curtain I noticed what looked like a sentry guard
from say the roman times just standing there like he was on guard. I could
quite clearly make him out. He even had in his right hand a long spear but he
never moved once not in the 4 or so years I constantly saw him. He was
there every single night and like many other apparitions people witness, he
didn't have any kind of aura around him, he just blended into the
surroundings of the curtain. I've told some people about it and they say it
must have been the way in which the curtain folded but when I got used to
him I used to just stare at him and he was definetly there you could make
certain details of him as your eyes started to adjust to the darkness.
Unfortunately, I never saw him during daytime or any other time for that
matter but over the years I believe he was a protector towards me say a
guardian angel. Stupid as it may sound, I really do believe this is what he
must have been during probably(I can only assume) everyone's most
vunerable years as a child.
By the age of around 12 he became less frequent only appearing the odd
nights until he stopped coming altogether.
I don't know who or what he may of been protecting me from but I can
honestly say I am pleased he turned up now.
If anyone has any similar experiences with this figure watching over them I
really would like to hear about it as nobody I've dare tell without being
ridiculed has ever heard of him or someone similar. I just want to know he is
for real!!


Subject:  My Ghosts Story
Date:  Mon, 26 Feb 2001
From:  "Jerry Chandler" <>

We lived in a house that nobody ever thought was haunted. But we had no idea that it actually was. The people that lived there
before said that they had a pianiao that would just start playing for no good reason. When we moved in the house at first we had no expeience. But as we stayed in the house longer, more stuff started to happen. My mom or I  would be in the shower and she would see a shadow walk across the shower curtain, we would see the shadow and look out and nobody would be there. The weird part about it is that they  would be walking toward the back of the bathroom. Or this one time, my mom was home alone and she was in the kitchen cooking dinner when she saw some one walk across the windows. We never thought much about this, we just thought that it was each other. Then one night my mom just all of a sudden woke and felt that somebody was looking at her. She opedned her eyes and she saw somebody standing in the doorway. Nothing bad ever happened. It just freaked us out really bad. Mu dad never saw any of these things, it was just my mom and me. Finally we moved adn nothing happened to us anymore.You haev to believe me, this is as true as it gets. I never believed in ghosts before i actually had an experience.


Subject:  "Demon"
Date:  Mon, 26 Feb 2001
From:  "Jerry Chandler" <>

My uncle's girlfriend use to be married to her ex-husband. When her step-son was killed, the light started to come on in his room by it's self. It would right before they would go to bed that the light in his room would come on. They would go in there and turn it off and it would come back on. It kept doing this for a scared MaryAnn (my uncle's girlfriend) to death. Her ex-husband felt like it was his son trying to tell him good night. They went and talked to the preiests at their church and they said that it was his deamon left over. After he had died,  his sole went to heaven and his deamon had been left behind. MaryAnn wanted to get rid of the deamon so she went to a couple of counclers and they all told her to "bless the house." She had open a door at the front of the house and start at the back of the house and go through every room saying the chat," By the power of Jesus Christ, I comand u to get out of my life and house forever." After she had done that she didn't have anymore problems from it. She has not heard from it since.


Subject:  My story...
Date:   Sat, 3 Mar 2001
From:  "Tyler Emma Lisa Nye" <>

My name is Tyler and I live in NY, and my friends and I have experienced a paranormal happening. It was around the end of Oct. (2000) when my cousin, my girlfriend, and I decided to have a seance. It was a joke at first, but once we got to our location we soon were terrified. My family owns my gradfathers house (he passed away many years ago), and that is where we decided to have our seance. At that time the house was being fixed up by my father so it could be livable. We went into the bedroom, where there are doors to the bathroom, out to the kitchen, and out to the dining room area. We closed all the doors and it was compleately dark (there was no electricity at the time) and sat down on the floor. Already, we were scaried and when this roll of carpender's paper (?) fell over we quickly huddeled into the corner. Once we all calmed down we decided to get down to bussiness. We started asking questions as to if there was a ghost ect. There we noises coming from upstairs and we asked for the ghosts name, by "telling" one of us. We got as far as Kath when strange lights seemed to pass by the bedroom windows and I got a vision of a school-teacher looking woman wearing a black dress with her hair in a bun. My cousin said that she saw an indian looking girl that was terrified and crying. After more questioning and beging freaked out he decided to leave. Strangely the doors that we could have gotton out from were locked, and we left through the windows. Sense that happening, I have refused to go near that house at night. That is my story.


Subject:  a ghostly story for you
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 00:31:23 -0600 (CST)
From: (Kevin West)

lets see wich one should i tell you see i have seen many gohst and wierd
things but one sticks in my mind. you see when i lived with my mom and
sister in a house in burkburnett texas things happend to me and to my
family.but one thing happend to only day i decided to stay home
from school and it was an ordinary day starting of but as the day
progresed thngs started like this.first i was in the bathroom doing my
hair and the light went off,then i turned it back on it turned back
off.well i didnt think anything of it so i walked out then theradio
started changing by itself.well that got me woried so i unpluged it,it
came on agine.i at this time freeked out and ran outside,and as i turned
around to look back i could swear to this day that it looked as if
someone was looking at me and the ony person in there was me bfore. but
i went back in and said that this was my home and it would haft to deal
with me.that day i ended up going to my mther was also
aproched by the eintity in the house she seen it overing above he bed
one night,and we all seen him sitting n our livingroom on two
ocasions,but there have been more acounts in other places. i will write
agine another time for now that is all.


Date:  Fri, 23 Mar 2001 12:10:16 -0500 (EST)
From: (Michele Nappi)

This is a true story that occurred in Burlington, VT. I was giving a
woman named Barbara, Reiki (universal life force energy) one day at
work. As I am a sensitive I "saw" a woman standing next to Barbara who
looked concerned. I asked Barbara if her mother had passed over and
described the woman I "saw." Barbara said that, yes her mother was
deceased and the woman I was describing sounded like her mom.
Barbara was in emotional turmoil at the time over a business deal she
could stand to loose a substantial amount of money on (as it turned out
she did loose thousands and was very upset for a long time). We
continued the Reiki healing and left it at that.

Apparently this wasn't good enough for Barbara's mother. Two days later
Barbara came to me and told me an incredible story! A man she knows -
who only knows one woman named Barbara - her - called to tell her he had
come home to find an odd message on his answering machine - "This is
Barbara's mother. Please tell her that I called." Barbara's mother had
died exactly one year ago to the day! Needless to say, it sent chills
through us. Barbara's mother was determined to let her daughter know she
was there for her in her time of need.


Subject: A very haunted house
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 14:43:15 -0700
From:  "LeEtta Miller" <>

Ok here it goes. I grew up in Newport RI. I lived in my grandmothers 3 story apartment house. I guess the best way to go is from the bottom to the top.

Well to enter this house we used the back door. At that door, when you enter there are two sets of stairs. One goes down to the basement and the other goes up to the first floor. I swear every time that I entered that house it would feel like there was something very bad trying to "get me". I mostly spent my time on the second and third floors, so I would go in the door from outside and run to the second floor feeling that I was in grave danger. I hated to go to the basement and would only go there in the daytime.

The second floor was not so bad. Just the "normal" stuff. Doors opened and closed all by themselves. I know that to some one not there that sounds strange and I guess you would think that there was a normal reason for it. Let me tell you now that is not the case. It happened at all different times of the day and night. We decided that we would props the door that did it the most open. We put a brick in front of it and it did no good at all. The door would still slam shut. The brick would be moved and we would all be in the living room and BANG there the door would go. When I would be alone on that floor at night it would feel like someone was watching me. I tried not to stay alone in that house.

The third floor was where me and my mom lived. It was the worse spot in all the house. We had a long hall way that went the whole length of the house. We had a ceiling light at both ends of the hall way. Never in my whole life did these two lights work right. One would work and the other wouldn't and vice versa. Most of the time neither would work. In the kitchen a few time we had a smal "electrical" fire. The wires were checked and there seemed to be no reason for it to have happened. We had a door in the hallway that would not stay closed. I hated that room most of all, ok that and the back hall and the hall in the third floor apartment. My mom put a hook and eye lock on the door to keep it closed. Oh no, it sure didn't work. We would come in from being out and the door would be opened. Not all the way mind you, just a few inches. Every now and than the light to the room would also be on.

When in that apartment I would have very vivid bloody nightmares. If you feel asleep and you happened to roll away from the door to the room, you would slowly wake up with the feeling that there was a man in the door watching you sleep. I would never look over my shoulder to see if there was anything there cuz I sure didn't want to see him.

As an adult I still get the shivers when I have to go visit my family that still lives in the house. I refuse to go to the third floor alone and never at night.

So that is my story. I swear to you it is all true. No one could be as scared as I am right now and it not be real.

L. Miller

Subject: Ghostly occurance
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001
From: "Debbie Lord" <>

Some years ago, I had two friends who stopped by to visit my husband and myself.  We had just been sitting at my dinning room table, talking about strange happenings and I asked Randy and Linda if they had ever had anything happen to them.  Randy began to tell of a story about his mother and her boyfriend.  He said that his mother's boyfriend and him did not like each other, in fact, hated each other, but the boyfriend had died some time that year.  Randy's mom had loaned the boyfriend a gray raincoat and never got it back.  One afternoon, during a heavy rain storm, Randy was at his mom's house and heard a loud knock on the back door. He went to the back door, opened it, there was no one there but lying on the ground was the gray raincoat.  Well, that's not too unusual, someone else could have just brought it and knocked and ran, however just as he got the last words out of his mouth, my hurricane lantern, which is held on with prongs came off, crashing on to my front door and breaking in a million pieces.  The strange thing about this is that this lantern had to go around a corner to get to the front door.  No one had touched the lantern.  My friends were so spooked that they immediately left my house in disbelief.  I was quite astonished at how this lantern could have so quickly come out of the prongs and flown around a corner crashing into the front door.  This has always been something I felt was the spirit of this man, who Randy had such a disliking for, still following him.

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