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Date Submitted: Tue Oct 27, 1998


Subject: the haunted queen mary ship at long beach California , a real ghost ship!

Hi, this is Angela Rose Cramer talking to you about my ghostly paranormal queen mary experiences about 71/2 years ago. On August 25, 1991, I got there at 11am for the first time ever. I was by the grand stair case, the green one I was hearring ghostly vocies of men and women talking i smelled strange fumes of wine and perfume and the soundes of womens jewelry jingling ackrosse the room they went up the ghostly grande staire case with foot falls with the hole stairs crackling the went up the stairs in to a long thin hall way one of the ghost ladys screamed i said gees lawees i went up to see what was going on one of the lights was brocken no wone was there thats so very chilling and weird later on i went in to this one room of door 13 touring arounde i was only just 3 feet from the door shute loudally with a great big loude bange that shock me up the door went by its self i saw ghostly girl child in the mirror glowing in and out blueish white slowly looks 8 years old 3 foot 10 tall looks 1940ish she looks sade i wanted to tour she just stoude there as i lefed i looked back she was gone just like that later on i got lost by the pool area i started to hear little ghostly child girl soundes comeing up the stairs she opend the door she came out glowing blueish white looks 4 years old 3 foot 2 stoude there for a few minites she vanished of to the leftd side in to the long hall way torreds the bow of the ship the ghost looks 1936ish i hade pretty ghostly day that day.

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