Personal Submissions/Experiences

Date Submitted: October 27, 1998


My husband and I used to work every Saturday until 1 pm. After that, we would do the shopping and I would make lunch.

One Saturday I decided to make tuna salad for lunch. As I was making it, I felt arms around my waist. My husband was in the living room, but I could see him. So I knew it was not him. I continued making the tuna, thinking that I must be imagining things. Then I felt hands upon mine, following my movements. This only lasted a few seconds. It was the warmest most comforting thing I have ever felt. I like to think it was my mother who had died 8 years before, but maybe it was just some one passing thru. I wish who ever that someone was, they would come back if only for a few seconds to let me know what that feeling was like.

Em1697, maybe someday you'll find out. In the meantime, keep dreaming.

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