Personal Submissions/Experiences

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999

From: kati hofmann

Subject: about grandaughter

This is my experience about Stephanie, my almost 4 month old granddaughter who died a crib death on Dec.27,1993. I was devastated, and I prayed to God for 7 onths to please, if He would let me hold her one more time, I could let go. On June 8th,1994(which was the bithdate of my 1st husband who was killed in a car wreck in 1970, at about 2-30pm, I was laying on the sofa, I suddenly felt "transported" into the backseat of a car and we were going down a country road close to where I used to live when I was first married to my first husband heard a voice say,"do you really want to hold her again?"I said"O God, please yes." the car went to a place where there was a creek that used to runand there was a headstone with Stephanie's hologram. She floated into my arms, and I could feel the weight of her, and smell her sweet baby smell. She looked at me and I fed her. I could feel her nursing and there i was filled with such joy and peace that it is impossible to describe.I was almost 51 when this happened, I will be 56 soon, but I know that this was a miracle visitation, as Stephanie was cremated and kept by the other family and I am only allowed to visit her sister occasionally. But my heart fills with joy when I remember that God let me hold Stephanie one more time.

peace and love to all

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