Personal Submissions/Experiences

Date:  August 6, 2000

Subject:  A Close Encounter

From:  Terri L Fleming

My husband had just committed suicide the day before this happened in the room where this happened. I went into our house with my mother to get some things that i knew my children and i would need and i wanted to face the room where i had found my husband. My mother walked down the hallway with me to the master bedroom and master bath where i had found him in the bathtub. With my mother standing right next to me i felt the spirit of my late husband go through me. It was like i was in a trance...i felt closer to him than i ever felt before. When it was over i looked at my mother and she asked me if i was ok. I told her i am fine and i felt my husband's spirit go through me. She informed me that i sucked my breath in and took a step backwards. This is not my only experience with the paranormal, but it is the closest i have come to a spirit. It was very obvious to me that my husband loved me very much and he knew that i loved him.

Thank you for letting me share this experience with you,

Terri Fleming

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