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Date:  Fri, 30 Jul 1999

Received From:

My cousin told me about a weird experience one night. He said that he went with a few friends to Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park In San Francisco and a supposedly haunted statue.One of his friends was really into witchcraftand they heard from other people that if you say "I have got your baby" three times at midnight the ghost of the statue will appear. At first, he and his friend tried but nothing happened.But then, his friend that is into witchcraft said it. All the sudden they heard one big boom. They all freaked out and ran to the car. When they reached their cars all the windows were broken. The weird thing was that when they went back to the statue her eyes were open which were previosly closed. When my friends and I heard about this we had to to check it out. We found the statue and it had kids with it. My cousin said the statue he saw had no kids.What I would like to know is can you get us any information about this .

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