Personal Submissions/Experiences

Date:  July 24, 2000


Subject:  My great grandfather took my soul

My story is odd because me and my great grandfather were not that close because he lived far away, but after what happened on this day I have always had the feeling of a special bond with him. I was at my first funeral, my great grandfathers. I was very calm and observing what was going on around me. After the speaking of the funeral the casket was slowly opened. I felt fine. Not sick, not faint, not uncomfortable. The very moment I layed my first eye on him I felt my soul raise up out of my body, maybe four feet at the most. While my physical body was on the ground I felt my feet dangle in the air. My breath was sucked out of me for those five seconds. I felt no fear or harm at that moment. Then quickly I was dropped. My knees buckled as I stumbled back to catch myself. At that very moment I knew he was telling me that he was O.K.

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