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Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000

Subject: Ghosts & Electricity

My ghost experiences started when I was about 12 years old. My Father and Mother purchased an old house in a small town in Kentucky. The house was over one hundred years old, built from old yellow popular boards and was heated with a coal stove. The house had one electric wire that ran on the outside of the boards, from the only outlet in the kitchen, then through the rest of the house were each room had one light switch and fixture. After we moved into the house I began to have dreams about a beautiful young woman that I had never seen before. In each dream I was at a small church funeral. When I first began to have the dreams, we had just moved into town, and I knew nothing about it.

After several months of the reoccurring dream I knew were the old church was located just a few streets over from were we lived. The church was no longer there, but when I began to ask around, I was told that it had been turned into a house many years ago. In each dream I am walking down the isle, towards the casket that is surrounded by flowers. There are people that I don't know sitting on each side of me. Once I get to the casket I am looking down at a very young attractive lady, that is dressed in white and who has black hair, then I wake up. The first couple of times, I just shook the dream off as a nightmare. However after having the same dream for several weeks I became afraid to sleep in my room. I tried to express my feelings to my parents about the dream and My Father laughed and made me feel foolish and my Mother keep saying it is just a dream. I was very embarrassed, after all I was 12 years old and someone my age shouldn't be afraid to sleep in their bed. So I stopped telling them about the dreams even though I was having them night after night. Then something freaky happened. My Father began to remodel the house and the dream changed. It wasn't about her funeral any more it was about my father tearing out some old closets that ran all along one wall of my room. The closets consisted of tall doors that were about two foot wide each having a smaller one above it for storing blankets, I suppose. One of the closets was used to store wood and coal for burning in the stove that set in front of it. In my dream my mother is standing with her arm around my shoulder and we're watching my Father tear out the closets, when suddenly the body of the woman (that I had been dreaming about) comes falling out into the floor in front of us. The dream scared me so badly that I began to panic when I found out that my Father actually was going to tear the old closets out. My Father had never mentioned it to me prior to having the dream. I couldn't stand it any longer so I told my Mother everything. She reassured me that there was nothing to be scared of and walked into the room with me. As we are standing there she slips her arm around my shoulder and we are standing there watching my father tear out the closets just like in my dream. My Mother had never put her arm around my shoulder before and I never told her that she had done this in my dream. At that thought I was so scared I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I just knew that this woman's body was in the closet and was going to fall out into the floor in front of us. I remember being so very glad the next morning when I awoke knowing that there was no body in the closet and that the dreams were over.

However, that was the beginning of things, not the end. My bed began to rock at night as I would try to go to sleep. Doors would open and close, lights would go on and off, objects occasionally moved through the air, we heard an organ playing and singing, and people walking around at night, ect. After that night I felt like my Mother was open to my fears and I began to tell her everything. She moved my bedroom into another room and the bed actually stopped rocking and I was able to sleep peacefully from there onward. She still didn't quite believe the things that I was saying, she just keep saying that it was my imagination. Then one day my Mother suddenly became interested in my dreams, she began to ask questions such as; What did the woman look like? I knew by the way that she was acting that something had happened, then she told me that she was walking down the hallway towards the kitchen and she saw a woman standing in the hallway. She described her as being young and beautiful, dressed in white and having black hair. What she saw looked like a real person and she thought that someone had walked into the house through the kitchen door, and she asked her, "What do you want and what are you doing in my house?" The woman moved her mouth as if she was answering her, but no words were heard. Then she simply vanished. The woman was seen in the house on several occasions. I saw her myself one time walking down the hallway, and it was just like Mother said, she looked real. She wasn't transparent, an orb or mist but looked as real as you and I. We later found out that the woman that the house was built for, had died one winter giving birth. It was said that her husband had gone away and that she may have went into labor getting wood for the fire. Her and the baby were found in the closet. It was also speculated that she was trying to keep the baby warm. She was described as being 23 years old, having black hair and green eyes. Also I thought that you might be interest in knowing, that before her ghost was seen in the house, my father had rewired the house himself.

The electric bills were very high, one month it was about $350. He knew then that he had done something wrong and called an electrician to check it out. It was found that he was running electricity into the soil beneath the house. As far as I know she has never been seen again since the electrical problem was corrected. This may have nothing to do with the sightings at all. However, then again who knows? Maybe it should be investigated further.

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