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Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 19:18:31 EDT

Hello my name is Angelica...I have tons of stories, but I have this one maybe someone can shine some light on. Well I was at my God Moms house..I was drinking...but not much at all...a few bears...I was not drunk. I had to make a call, my little sisters followed me into my one sisters room. And I picked up the phone and started dialing..wouldn't go through...We heard the guy across the street talking about how he was a was really funny cause he had this crazy acient..Anyway all of a sudden we couldn't hear him anymore. I thought what a bad connection..but...All of a sudden we heard like a strange weee screching sound...I had moved away from the phone and it stoped...I put my arm back and weee eeeee little sister freaked ran to get her uncle...and my older sister was so into the whole thing...we were trying to hang up the phone(speaker) and it wouldn't click we kept playing with it...Then their uncle came in and he had all this mechanic looking stuff...he started pulling all this stuff, he told me to keep messing with it...he was outside trying to find out where it was coming wasn't coming from that guy across the street...anyway the sounds kept moving and sounding crazy...and then it sounded like little men chatting...Shit u not...little men...I don't like to believe in Aliens they scare me...personally...but it sounded like the little alien men on TV...after that night the phone worked fine...may I add that the energy int he room was very intense and HOT...everytime that night comes up everyone looks at me...and wants to know what I did to the phone...I don't feel it was a bad connection..I am very into the spirtual world...they had 2 fires start in that house...and a pefect wall cave in for no reason...I love that house for some reason and have had many exeriences there...please get back to me and tell me what you think...

sincerly Angelica...

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