Personal Submissions/Experiences


Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000

Subject: Ghostly visitors in Wayne, PA

While growing up in Wayne, PA, I would often awaken to see, along the wall of my closet, a line of ghostly shadows. I was never frightened, but wondered at the first sighting if I was actually awake. I guess over 5 years, the shadows were visible about 10 times. I thought they were prisoners, because it seemed they were walking very slowly, all in a line. I could depict heights and physical structure. It seemed to me like they were in a chain gang, hardly able to continue walking. About 3 years ago during a family get-together, I mentioned to my brothers this strange sight. My "younger" brother, (now 34 years old) was shocked at my seeing these visitors - as he had seen them also for several years during his college years. It seemed after my marriage he had moved into my room. He studied them closely and got the impression that they were soldiers in the Civil War. He remembered them moving slowly, as though they were totally defeated (physically) and he noted them carrying weapons. Being Wayne is near the Valley Forge Park area, I now believe that his depiction was more correct! Since my parents have sold the house over 6 years ago, I am always tempted to see if the new buyer has any visions!

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