Personal Submissions/Experiences

Date:  Mon, 5 Jun 2000 1

From: "angel"

To: Ghostly Guy

About 6 years ago when i was about 6 i was getting ready for bed and my  mom had just turned out the light. I didn't like the dark so I just sat  there very stiff. It had been at least 15 minutes and i was thinking about my grandmother which I love dearly. I was worrying about her because my grandpa had died a few days ago from diabetes or somewhere on  that line.Then I saw a figure walking towards me. I thought about waking up my five year old sister {we shared a room} but I was too stiff to move so I didn't. Then my mom came in too do her rounds of checking on us and she turned on the light seeing I was awake. The  figure was gone. The person which had absolutely looked like my grandma but not with the normal cheerful look . She had a look that crossed  between sorrow and hate. I thought that she was mad at me because before my grandpa died we would eat lots of sweets which made him ill.  It was as if my grandma was blaming me for his death. When my mom walked in I thought about telling her but she wouldn't have believed me  any ways so I didn't. Eventually i told my grandma and she said she would never blame me for his death but to this day i still remember that night. It was not a dream.

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