Ghostly Guy's Paranormal Web Page was created in the summer of 1997 for the purpose of allowing other web users to do two things: 1. to read the experiences of others to determine for themselves, whether they would like to believe in or keep an open mind about the possibility that ghosts, UFO's, and other paranormal events really exist; 2. to allow a forum for those who feel that they may have experienced something unexplanable and would like to write about it.

It is not the purpose of this web page or the author(s) to try to convince readers that there really are ghosts or alien life forms. It is ultimately up to the individual whether to believe or not. Realize however, that it's also up to that person to decide whether they wish to keep an open mind.


My own interests and beliefs extend from my own upraising in what I (and some of my family members) believed was a haunted house. Although the house was purchased from by family prior to the end of construction (ruling out persons who may have died in the house), I have one friend who brought up the possibility that the land may have been owned or inhabited by ancient Native Americans. It's not clear who used the land hundreds of year prior since the area was for many years, a pig farm.

My first, first hand experience at the house was within 3 months after moving in, at age 8. After washing my hands in the bathroom, I turned off the faucet and dried my hands, turned out the light, and walked into my room. About 30-60 seconds past my exit, the water turned on with full volume. I went back and turned on the light, only to find that I had to turn the faucet all the way off again. Being that I was one of two sibblings at the time, and the oldest at that, it was doubtful that this would have ocurred from a sibbling trying to play a trick on me.

This ocurred in the bathroom at least one other time in the 11 years we lived there, as well as another similar incident in the kitchen.

The basement was unfinished when be bought the house. My Dad put up some walls to close in rooms, which were mainly used as a play room for myself and my sister. However, things that were placed in a particular place one day, would seem to move before the next day. In later years, the lights would turn on long after every one would be upstairs in bed. Often I got yelled at for leaving the downstairs lights on ("do you have stock in Pacific Gas & Electric?) so I made a very specific point of making sure they were off before I went upstairs at night. By this point, my sister was deathly afraid of the basement and refused to go anywhere near it (the basement). But, the lights seemed to ocassionally turn themselves on no matter how hard I tried to watch it. I do mean, the light switch itself was in the "on" position.

Shortly before we moved out, I was 18 and felt invinsible as many teenagers do. One of my chores was to feed our two dogs and two cats which were in a room downstairs, in the back of the basement. One evening, I went down to feed them and as I stood in front of the door trying to juggle three water dishes in my hand while trying to open the door, I witnessed the door knob actually TURN and the door open, as if a spirit felt sorry for me and thought they could help out by opening the door. NOT FUNNY!!! The result was, after entering the room and noting that my cat's hair was standing straight up, I felt the blood in my brain, drain out and dropped everything, yelling all the way up the stairs.

I recently asked my parents what they felt about the house (we haven't lived there for over 13 years)and the response was "well, we had to keep believing that everything was normal there to keep ourselves from freaking out about some of the strange ocurrences." Each year I remember new things about the house that continues to freak me out. The latest memory was that I grew up hearing my mother call me, when in fact, she had not. In some cases, she wasn't even home. And the scariest event, witnessed by half my family at the same time, our dead dog returned! While watching television the evening of the day that our dog had been put to sleep, we all turned out heads at exactly the same moment to witness the dog walk through the hall and into the kitchen, in a misty sort of silent image. To read about this, see DAISY RETURNS which goes into more detail about this incident.

Again, your beliefs are ultimately up to you. You're free to do as you please. As for me (Ghostly Guy), I haven't exactly made up my mind yet either . And maybe, this web page was created not only to get you to think, but to help me to decide as well.

A friend of mine who is known for hiking a lot at night, and for hiking into the Sierra Nevada range for several days by himself, once said "I don't believe in ghosts, but I'm afraid of them!"

Happy Readings & don't let the ghosts get you!