Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Location: The Glenfield House, Dunedin, New Zealand

Submitted By:  Ghostly Guy

Date of Visit: November 1997

A Strange thing happened when I tried to scan a picture of an old photo that hangs on the wall of this old 1880's mansion; the original two attempts to scan the photo resulted in a black blotch where the photo of the man is (see below). This gave me the major creeps!!!

Anyway, the story on this place is that it belonged to a family for generations. The photo that hangs in the billiard room has been there for at least several generations. About ten years ago, the house went into disrepair and was left vacant until two women bought the house and renamed it the Glenfield House. They restored the old house and opened a bed & breakfast.

It's well known in Dunedin, New Zealand that this house is haunted, except to American tourists! I spoke with the women during my stay and they said that while they've lived there, nothing really happened to them but they don't like to go into the billiard room because they feel the gentleman who's photo hangs on the wall, watches them as they move throughout the room. They get similar comments from guests.

It was totally coincidental that I ended up staying there in November 1997. I was with my wife on our honeymoon and our travel agent in the U.S. booked us here because they have a contract with the owners of the house. The first time I walked into the house, I felt that it was spooky, but understand, I did NOT know that the house was haunted. It wasn't until later that evening that a tour guide brought up the subject.

During my first walk through while moving luggage to our room, I looked around and went into the billiard room, but very QUICKLY walked out. I made a comment to my wife that that room was freaky and very COLD! It wasn't until the next day that I found out that the house was considered haunted because of the billiard room.

The women that own the house were told by one of the younger generations of the family that use to own the house, that she didn't know who the photo was of. It was originally assumed that it was a family member from an earlier geneartion.

The owners of this B&B were gracious and treated us like royalty.  The house is incedibly maintained and feels like a cross of English and old Americana. If you want a fun stay in Dunedin, New Zealand, stay at the Glenfield House. We didn't have anything strange happened to us and we stayed on Halloween night. The only real spooky thing in the entire house is the photo on the wall, which has its own halo around the man's head. Enjoy the photos...

This is the Glenfield House! As you can see, it's a beautiful old beauty!

Here is the billard room from the garden.

This is the billard room, notice the framed photo in the rear?

AND here is the infamous photo, notice the halo around the gentleman?

This picture was NOT taken with a flash so the halo could be captured in its true light.