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          Well, it looks like we just might make it to the next millennium!  A lot has changed since the last millennium celebration; medicine, computers, automobiles, nuclear weapons, etc.  Some were good changes and some weren't.  One thing hasn't changed though, the belief in the Paranormal.  In fact, belief in ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon has increased over the last half century.

         So here it is - your forum!  You tell us what you experienced.  Perhaps it was a dead relative coming back for a visit?  Or you saw something you can't explain in that Bed & Breakfast you stayed at a couple of years ago?  This is the place to see if anyone else experienced a similar situation, perhaps even in the same place.  And while you're at it, please email us your personal ghostly encounter so we can add your experience for others to read.  Anonymous submissions gladly accepted.

Happy Reading and don't let the ghosts get you!

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