Date Submitted:  February 27, 1999

Submitted By:  Mailsun3

Type of Submission:  Personal Encounter, Chipper the Ghost Cat

I was nearly thirteen years old and walking home from a friends house up the street from me. I heard a small faint meow and didn't think anything of it. The kitten then meowed a little louder and I turned around to see this little fur ball staring at me. I picked him up and brought him into my house where I somehow convinced my mother to keep him. I named him Chipper.

We then later figured out that this cat was my mother's cat's offspring. We couldn't find any other kittens though. A few years later, my mother's cat, Bently, died of Feline Luekemia. I was alseep in my room when Chipper started going crazy. I woke to find this transparent oval shaped thing teasing my cat by flying around his head. It then flew within inches a cross my face and then disappeared.

Five years later, I had to take Chipper down to the SPCA to have him put to sleep. They never told me when they would put him down. 5 days later, I was playing darts in the backyard when I heard a faint meow. I thought it was the neighbors cat. I then heard it again a little louder and I started looking for the cat thinking it was my neighbors and that's when I felt a warm chill feeling on the back of my neck. I am almost positive that it was my cat trying to tell me that he is still with me.