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Date Submitted:  November 20, 1999


Subject:  "The International" bar in Austin, Nevada

I'm glad I came across your page because this happened very recently and I've been wanting to share it. I spent this summer ('99) in Austin, Nevada, a town of approx. 200 people located near the center of the state on U.S. Hwy 50. I lived there while doing research for my MA thesis. Anyway, the International Restaurant/Bar is, I believe, the second oldest bar in Nevada (don't qoute me on it), the business card claims that the first drink was served in 1863. Located at the West end of town, the International serves as the focus of Austin night- -life (or the closest thing to it), as so of course, I had my share of good times there after a long days work. I was told some time in early June that the International was rumored to be haunted by a ghost called "Tommy", apparently a former owner or employee. It didn't strike my as anything more than a small-town tall tale at the time, and I basically forgot about it.

Then I had two experiences within days of eachother in mid July. At about 2:00a.m. on a really warm July night, the crowd had dwindled to the bartender, another local and myself. The three of us shot the breeze and eventually the topic of ghosts and ghost stories came up. After we'd all told our best, someone brought up Tommy. We joked around about the alleged specter and related stories we'd heard. As we talked, and I still can't believe this, the room became very uncomfortably cold. The bartender was wearing a skirt and I had shorts on, and we both commented that it felt as if cold air (like from a freezer) was lightly blowing on the backs of our legs. The other guy was wearing long pants, but I could see the goosebumps on his arms as well. Now the door and windows had been shut for a while at this point, and the International has no AC system -- not to mention it had been warm and stuffy just moments before the chill hit. As the room grew cold, the lights on the back bar began to flicker violently. I remember thinking "this can't really be happening". But it was. Eventually the room warmed up again, and the other local and myself helped the bartender clean up as she was creeped out and didn't want to be in there alone. We all said "goodnight Tommy" when we made our exit.

A few days later, the bartender and I were in the bar before opening time getting it ready for business. It was stormy and I wasn't able to do my research that day, so I thought I'd help her out. We had some time to kill, so we shot a quick game of pool. The game ran long, so we exited the bar through an interior door and locked it behind us so no underage restaurant patrons would wander in. We then went outside and opened the front door (it's padlocked from the outside). With the bar open, we resumed our game only to find that the pool balls had been rearranged since we'd left the room maybe 1 minute before. Nobody could possibly have been in there in that amount of time!, the interior door is the only other way in and we locked it behind us. It still blows me away that these things actually!

Apparently there are other spirits at the International as well. The owner claims that she occasionally hears a female voice shout her name when she's alone in the restaurant in the early morning before opening time. She also says that kitchen items, silverware/utencils disappear and reappear pretty frequently. While I was out in Austin, a paranormal research group did visit and investigate the International, though I never heard what they found. If anyone out there knows more about the place, it would be great to hear from them.

Thanks, Jason

Thanks Jason.  If anyone has had a ghostly encounter in the "old west" either in old ghost towns or in old but active towns in the west, please please please email them to us.  We would like to add a section to the web page just for the old west its haunts.

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