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Date:  December 16, 1999

Subject: My ghostly experience in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England

One night while sitting with my girlfriend watching T.V. in our bedroom I heard a massive 'clatter' downstairs. Upon investigation, there was no sign of any break in or anything had happened in our house. I thought nothing more of it. About 7 months later it was halloween.

On our local radio station they hold like a 'ghost night' every halloween. This consists of live phone calls about experiences (obviously some are imaginary), the presenter telling stories and legends (some true, some not) and also experiments. It's one of these experiments that introduced me the fact that my house must be haunted. The experiment I tried was I believe an ancient pagan one. The experiment is as follows. The presenter to  his listeners they would need a large mirror, a cup full of chickens blood, a candle (the room has to be in darkness) and to repeat the words he would say. So with the room in darkness I sat in front of the mirror with my candle and chickens blood. The presenter told his listeners to pour a bit of the chickens blood onto the top of the candle, which I did Then I stated to repeat these words after him. When I hd finished re peating the words there was an image of a face in the mirror. The image appeared to be behind me. Now the presenter had said that if anybody saw an image it would disappear after a few seconds, however mine did not, ad still hasn't. It appears as it wishes, at anytime. So since Halloween this year this image can appear at will, I've felt breathing on the back my neck while in bed alone, doors opening and shutting at what appears to be of their own acord, objects being moved from places where I know for a fact where I've left them and numerous other things. I don't know if these things are related to that experiment or just triggered by something else. We live in a brand new house which I know for a fact is built in the playground of an old school which stood before being demolished to make way for the housing estate on which I live, although I don't know what stood before that. So to the best of my knowledge the ground wasn't haunted before my house was bult.

Any suggestions?

Dear cwalker2:

Maybe take a photo (don't forget to send us a copy) looking into the mirror when you see the figure.  Also, if it really annoys you, consider having a Priest or Rabbi bless the house for you.  I may make YOU feel better.  Having an exorcism usually doesn't do anything (movies don't tell you the other side) but maybe a good physic could speak to the spirit and tell the spirit that he's passed on and that he should go the the next world.  Some believe that ghosts are people who don't know they're dead.  Otherwise, accept you have a ghost in your house and enjoy him.  They're usually not harmfull to people.  Good Luck.

Ghostly Guy