NO, this isn't the story of a dead moose but rather a story surrounding the death of an old friend of mine who I will refer to as the "Moose". The reason for this is because I met Moose originally on the CB radio back in 1989 and after a parting of the ways, later learned that Moose had allegedly killed himself. These details I'll leave to a minimum but the reason I feel that this is an important story to post on this page is because the events that followed Moose's death, had a dramatic affect on my belief in whether there is such a thing as ghosts.

First, let me say that Moose and I didn't exactly see eye to eye all of the time and this eventually lead to our parting. The last time I saw Moose was approximately a month prior to his death. Moose was the type of teenager who liked to call out for attention and I can remember him looking at a .357 Magnum that I own many a times and joking on how big of a "blow job" the gun would create. Of course, it was both sexual and a suicide cry. It wasn't too much of a suprise to me later that Moose committed suicide. I just never thought he would do it!

Anyhow, Moose was living in a mobile home with his girlfriend in northern California and apparently they got into a fight one Saturday morning. Moose grabbed for his father's saw'd-off 12 gauge shot gun and aimed it to his chest. The details aren't clear what happened then but the gun did go off and death was instant.

Although Moose's parents weren't aware of what had just happened for several hours later, the exact moment of Moose's death, his father suddenly became inflicted with jabbing chest pains; coicidentally Moose shot himself in the same location of his chest.

That afternoon I learned of Moose's death by a friend of mine. Even though I broke off my relationship with Moose, of course we were going to pay our last respects at his funeral. After all, he was one of us and he was only about 21 years old. It was a shock as well. For many days, we all consoled each other on the phone as the funeral wasn't for a week and a half later (the coroner had the body in their posession pending a formal autopsy and investigation).

About two days prior to the funeral, I was straightening up my apartment in San Francisco when I suddenly felt strongly that I was being watched. A couple of minutes past when I turned my head and caught a very large black non-defined figure standing in the door way between my bedroom (where I was standing) and the livingroom. Both my bedroom light and the livingroom light were on but the figure definetly blocked most of the light that would normally go between the living room and my bedroom. When I looked back at the door way, I didn't see anything. Of course, I became very uncomfortable. Then, moments later, I saw the same thing but it lasted more than two seconds and disappeared.

Although I wasn't aware of it, Moose was a member of a volunteer fire department in northern California, and that fire department drove down to San Francisco to escort Moose's hearst to the cemetary as a tribute to a fallen member. The funeral was an open casket which was strange, especially since Moose had died over a week before and time had taken its toll.

One person who had not gotten along with Moose at all became sort of isolated from the rest of us, so we hadn't spoken to him for several days after the funeral. One night when I was out with one of my friends who also knew Moose, I got a 911paige around 2:00 AM from the friend that had become isolated. I called him back and he was in a panic. He asked where we were and within minutes, joined us at a donut shop. He explained that he was laying in bed when a toy fire engine, the type that has bottons on it to make the lights and sirens go off, suddenly moved across the shelf by itself and as it did, the lights and siren went off. Now, the two are seperate functions on this type of toy. Basically, you have to push and push hard the lights and siren botton to make it go off. So it was definently not a matter of the motion of the fire engine that would make the electronics work. He was home alone when this happened! Of course, you can imagine the feeling we all felt when I informed my friend that Moose was a volunteer fireman and that the fire department drove down from up north to escort the hearst.

About a week later, I went out with a woman friend of mine who was the one who informed me of Moose's death. We began talking about the funeral (she also went with me to the funeral) and she explained that she had a weird experience a couple of nights before Moose's funeral. She was talking on the phone in her bedroom and after hanging up, quickly turned her head up at the door to the hallway. The hallway light was on but almost no light was penatrating between the hall and her bedroom and she saw a very large black object standing in the door way. She explained that it had no specific figure, just blackness. After an hour of sitting in the car sharing the experience we both had at our seperate homes, we went out to get sushi.

In closing, all of the above was true. I have no doubt that Moose visited us all for one last time. As to Moose's parents and his father's chest pains, they went away in about a half hour and they never returned. I don't know if Moose ever visited them. They have since left San Francisco because it was too difficult to deal with the pain of living in the house where they raised their son.