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We would like you to consider this web page your source for information exchange on paranormal experiences.  All of the stories submitted to us are represented as being real, or at least real to the person who experienced it.  Ultimately, it's up to you whether to believe the experiences submitted to us or not.  But if you've ever had an unexplained experience that continues to haunt you, perhaps you would take some comfort in reading about the experiences of others.  And maybe, if you so desire, you would even consider contributing  your own unexplained experience(s) to us for others to read.

We don't discriminate on which ones get published on this web page, as long as we feel it's a legitimate experience and not a made up story.  So sit back and enjoy both the personal experiences of others as well as our featured haunted places that  you can go visit for yourself.

If you wish to contribute your own experience, please EMAIL them to us.   Also, don't forget to drop us a note on your feelings at our Guest book.            Happy Reading!!!

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Bodie State Park, California
The Ghost Town with Real Ghosts!
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA Chico Hot Springs, MT
The resort that offers it all, including the spirits!
Pacific Ocean Mystery, can you guess this one? The Whaley House, most haunted house in the USA? Other Ghostly Links...

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Whaley House Ghost - Taken in Court Room at the Whaley House, San Diego, CA 2/99
           Notice Image at Top Right?

Blow-up of Top Right Image
According to a famous ghost researcher, this most likely is the real thing!


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